Sublime Behavior Marketing Services
Three Levels of Habit Marketing Training

The bedrock of marketing has been irrevocably shattered by neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics. Built on the faulty assumption that consumers make conscious and rational decisions, marketing has been upended by brain science research that reveals the vast majority of behavior is the result of habits and other unconscious mental processes. Redirecting your marketing efforts toward shaping and changing the habits of your customers is central to the future success of your products, services, and brands.

By offering multiple levels of customized training services, Sublime allows you to target the appropriate education in habit marketing for every member of your marketing organization.

Level One: Employees, or "The Drivers"

An Introduction to the Concepts and Tools of Habit Marketing

Sublime Habit Marketing Training - Level One for Employees

The Level One Training Program is a foundational training session designed to:

Level One is built for those that just need to know "how to drive the car." Anyone in your organization whose decisions impact consumer behavior, including research, development, design, planning, advertising, branding, packaging, distribution, social media, interactive, pricing, and customer service, will benefit from Level One training.

What is the Time Commitment Required?

The Level One Program can typically be completed in one four-hour session.

How is the Program Delivered?

There are several methods of delivery for the Level One Training:

Level Two: Managers, or "The Mechanics"

The Principles of Unconscious Behavior and Habit Strategy

Sublime Habit Marketing Training - Level Two for Managers

The Level Two Training Program is an advanced course that will teach your managers to:

Level Two is designed for managers and other key decision makers with a need for deeper knowledge in unconscious consumer behavior and habit-based strategy, as well as those overseeing or playing a specialized role in habit-based projects.

What is the Time Commitment Required?

The Level Two Program spans two-to-four days of all-day training sessions, depending on the number of attendees and the subject matter delivered.

How is the Program Delivered?

The Level Two Program is taught in a classroom setting for up to twenty attendees. It can also be delivered in a focused workshop directed at solving a particular challenge facing your organization.

Level Three: Leadership, or "The Engineers"

Redesigning Marketing Strategy for the Habitual and Unconscious Mind

Sublime Habit Marketing Training - Level Three for Marketing Leaders

The Level Three Training Program is a two-part masters course that certifies expertise in habit-based marketing, including:

Level Three is for leadership with project and budget oversight seeking expert-level familiarity with unconscious consumer behavior and habit-based marketing.

What is the Time Commitment Required?

The Level Three Program is divided into two three-day sessions with a three-to-six week break for attendees to implement habit projects within their organizations.

How is the Program Delivered?

For six or more attendees, Level Three is conducted in an exclusive classroom setting at your organization. For less than six, Level Three is taught as an open enrollment course with attendees from non-competing organizations.