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Campbell Soup Company and Sublime - habit discovery case study

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A Health Focus in Mexico Creates Opportunity

With obesity rates tripling in the past 30 years and 70% of the population overweight, Mexico has become the fattest country in the world. The most pressing concern is the weight of Mexico's children: one-third of the country's children and teenagers are now overweight, second only to the United States. Some of this weight gain has been attributed to cultural changes, as Mexicans increasingly engage in more sedentary lifestyles and calorie-laden dishes traditionally reserved for special occasions become routine fare. But a larger concern is the bountiful and readily available selection of cheap, unhealthful foods. School children buy fried foods from street vendors on their way home from school, and snack on packaged pastries, chips, soda, and candy purchased at tienditas, or little shops that line the city streets. This daily influx of fat, sugar, and carbohydrates in addition to regular meals moved Mexican President Felipe Calderon to ban junk food in schools and launch a "national slimming campaign" aimed at improving the diets and exercise regimens of Mexican children and adults.

Amidst this new health consciousness, Campbell Soup Company saw an opportunity to leverage its expertise in vegetable nutrition and packaged beverage products. What if Campbell's could design a beverage that provided the nutrients children need without sacrificing the taste they want? The hypothesis looked strong on paper, but Campbell's realized that launching a new product marketed to kids for its vegetable content would be an uphill battle against the sugary sodas, juices, and flavored milks that dominate the Mexican beverage market. This product would not only need to appeal from a benefit and pricing perspective to the moms buying the product, but also be tasty enough for children to accept into their daily routines.

Campbell's challenge was two-fold. First, a new beverage product would require customers to introduce two new behaviors into their lives: purchasing the product in stores and using it regularly at home. Second, because these customers already have habitual behaviors for other beverages, this new product would need to disrupt competing behaviors as well. Success for this product meant changing the habitual shopping and drinking behaviors of its target, moms and kids. With those behavioral challenges in mind, Campbell's contacted Sublime Behavior Marketing to help develop and execute a rapid prototype testing experiment. The advantage of a rapid prototype test, as opposed to traditional surveying and taste testing methods, is the ability to understand a consumer's habit formation process by studying what that consumer actually does in her native environment.

The Project

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