Sublime Behavior Marketing Services
Are You Habit–Forming?

Becoming a consumer's habit—not her choice—is critical to long–term success. Behind every must–have product, superior service, billion–dollar brand, and market leading organization is an inherent alignment with the neural structures and pathways of the unconscious mind.

Designing a habit marketing strategy begins with this question: how habit–forming are you? Creating, maintaining, and disrupting habits depends on a clear understanding of how automatically consumers are interacting with you (and how you may be impeding them from doing so).

Sublime Behavior Marketing's Habit-Score™ Assessment analyzes your product, service, brand, or organization and delivers an Automaticity Rating: objective feedback on which areas of your marketing, positioning, and design are promoting or impeding habit formation in your customers.

The Habit-Score™ Assessment is an efficient and affordable methodology for introducing your organization to the concepts of habit-based marketing. It is also a way to identify strategic opportunities to improve the way you interact with your customer's unconscious mind.

What is a Habit-Score™?

The Habit-Score™ Assessment presents clients with an automaticity rating for their consumer-facing offerings, such as a product, service, brand, or experience. This automaticity rating, based on Sublime Behavior Marketing's model of habitual behavior and backed by decades of brain science research, shows clients how they are promoting or impeding habit formation in their customers.

Ease of Repetition

Ease of Repetition - Habit-Score by Sublime

A product or service must encourage repetition to be habit-forming. If a product is illogical, unintuitive, or requires too many steps to use then the consumer is unlikely to continue with the behavior in the future. At worst, these factors will increase the number of repetitions needed for habit formation.

Contextual Stability

Contextual Stability - Habit-Score by Sublime

If a product or service is not part of an established context, the purchase and usage behavior linked to that product or service will likely need to be guided by conscious thoughts and intentions. Therefore, if a product is to become a consumer habit, it must first be firmly associated with a stable context.

Intensity of Feedback

Intensity of Feedback - Habit-Score by Sublime

Habits are formed through the repetition of a behavior in a stable context. Through these repetitions, the mind learns about a behavior, its outcomes, and whether or not to perform the behavior in the same context in the future. Feedback and emotion determine if that repetition actually occurs.

Associative Strength

Associative Strength - Habit-Score by Sublime

Through repeated exposures, the unconscious mind begins associating environmental cues with behaviors and their outcomes. Cues trigger behavior within a context independent of conscious intentions and goals. A habit-forming product establishes strong associations, or cues, within its contexts.

These criteria are assessed and added together for a net Habit-Score™ of 100 points. With this analysis in hand, your organization can make an informed decision on how to further pursue your habit marketing goals. Sublime offers a wide variety of consulting, research, and training services to help.