Sublime Behavior Marketing Services

We live in a world that creates artificial cycles in order to bring some semblance of order to our unpredictable and changing circumstances. Nowhere is this more evident than marketing planning, where we are forced to plan far ahead how we will speak to customers, even though the marketplace is dynamic and our messages are likely not to resonate. Marketing planning is complex and serious business, with myriad details to account for and a pressure to prioritize budget for the best investments. Unfortunately, the focus on the process often leaves the actual consumer as an afterthought.

How Do I Incorporate Habits Into My Marketing Planning?

All marketing goals should be framed in terms of behavior. For example, increasing sales growth comes down to either current customers buying more or new customers trying your products for the first time; both of these are clear behavioral goals. Sublime works with you to frame all marketing goals in terms of customer behavior, helps build a strategic and tactical plan to achieve those behavioral outcomes, and then assesses your company's ability to achieve these goals.

Our marketing planning approach is based on the consumer training plan. We begin by working with your team to define the behavioral goals for your customers, including:

Once these goals have been identified, the consumer training plan is shared with your team and agency partners to shape the marketing tactics that will be deployed to achieve them.

What is the Benefit of Habit-Based Marketing Planning?

Organizations have habits just as humans do. We often use marketing tactics not because they are working toward a specific behavioral goal but because they are what we have always done. Habit-based marketing planning looks beyond the "check-the-box" by focusing resources on the most valuable tactics and eliminating those that provide no behavior or brand-positioning value. A behavior-based approach also gives you the flexibility to make dynamic adjustments to your tactics throughout the year based on how the behavioral goals are progressing.