Sublime Behavior Marketing Services

Habits are complex neurological adaptations, but at their core they are simply shortcuts to good decisions. A brand, when executed correctly and managed properly, becomes a shortcut to a good decision. Brands become cues that automatically trigger behavior; they become trustworthy ways to get things done.

What Is Unconscious Branding?

Sublime knows the importance of your brand. Nothing is more critical than establishing a strong brand identity in the mind of your customers and potential customers. The identity of your brand resides in the conscious and unconscious mind of your customer, where all messages, experiences, and emotions relating to your brand are integrated and absorbed. Successful brands communicate directly to the unconscious mind. Sublime helps identify the unconscious positioning of your brand: what it represents, how it affects customer behavior, and how it impacts decision-making. There are several approaches to unconscious branding:


Metaphors visualize complex situations and feelings, often connecting in ways that are below conscious awareness. Metaphors also help frame a situation, anchoring a consumer to a baseline perspective. Using metaphors to communicate the emotional positioning of your brand will allow you convey a complex message in a simplified form.


Similar to metaphors, using compelling visuals to communicate what your brand represents is critical to making a connection with your consumers' unconscious minds. Associating your brand with iconic imagery allows you to communicate about your brand at the non-verbal level and forge a direct connection with the unconscious mind.


The mind connects facts and ideas to create a story. Because consumers unconsciously construct stories to understand how the world works, Sublime works to craft compelling narratives that directly connect your brand to key emotional and personal triggers within the unconscious mind of the customer.


Metaphors, imagery, and narratives increase the likelihood of recognizing brands, logos, packaging and other product attributes. This can "prime" the brain to make unconscious connections that affect perception and behavior. Sublime's unconscious branding techniques can prime consumers to consider your brand without overt messaging efforts.

How Important are Emotions to My Branding Efforts?

Emotions are essential to making decisions, telling us what to remember and recall. Emotions add intensity to information prioritizing action. Branding must make an emotional connection. Failing to make an emotional connection means the customer must make an effortful and fully conscious review at each purchase and usage occasion. A brand without an emotional connection will be forced to compete across rational vectors like price, convenience, and features every time. We work with you to categorize the emotions consumers have associated with your brand and create a strategy to strengthen and shape that emotional bond.