Sublime Behavior Marketing Services

At its core, marketing is focused on creating new habits, disrupting old habits, or maintaining current habits. Conversely, when marketing problems arise, it is often the result of a failure to achieve these goals. Resolving these issues requires a deep understanding of what is driving consumer behavior and marketing interventions that work at an unconscious level.

How Can Sublime Help Me Change Consumer Behavior?

Sublime begins each project by diagnosing the nature of the behavioral problem:

Once the behavioral problem has been identified, we recommend the appropriate marketing interventions needed to solve them. These interventions are focused on changing habitual behavior, either by instilling new consumer habits, stopping old habits from interfering, or by reinforcing and strengthening current habits that have begun to erode:

Habit Creation

In situations where we want to create new habits, we have to first get the behavior to occur, and then reinforce it. While many marketing plans are good at inducing trial, they collapse at the reinforcement step. Sublime works with you to map out the behavior, build in reinforcement mechanisms at each step, and drive repetition of the behavior until habits begin to form.

Habit Disruption

Because habits are performed unconsciously, they are very difficult to change through conscious methods. When a consumer has a habit that competes with your product or service, this habit must be forced into conscious review. Sublime works with your team to develop marketing tactics that can create this disruption.

Habit Maintenance

Many companies suffer from gradual erosion of use by their best customers—this often happens with core brands upon which the company has been built. Your best customers are your habitual customers. Unfortunately, their habitual behavior often leads to their neglect, which invariably leads to a slow and chronic decline in sales. To maintain habits that have already been successfully developed, Sublime will help you build a program to re-establish the relationship and strengthen old habits.

Why Should I Focus My Marketing on Behavior Change?

Marketing plans that deal solely with the unconscious mind ignore up to 95% of consumer behavior. Many consumers are not consciously moving away from their habitual product choices, or intentionally choosing other products over yours. By treating your marketing challenges as consumer behavior problems, you can customize your strategy around tactics that will have definitive results. Working with the unconscious mind allows you to redirect behavior naturally and create a more sustainable marketing strategy.