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Our white papers distill findings across science and business into thoughtful essays designed to advance the field of habit marketing. Many of these ideas are the result of insights gleaned from our work with clients, and are how we convey our thinking with clients, spark dialogue with colleagues and peers, and generate interest in brain science. You can always access our latest white papers below, or contact us if there is a topic you would like to see us cover.

Available White Papers
The Force of Habit: Modeling the Dominant Role of the Unconscious Mind in Consumer Behavior

Originally Published Summer 2010; Updated Fall 2012

Research from psychology, neuroscience and the other brain sciences tells us that most human behavior is the result of unconscious mental processes, not the conscious rationality presumed by our marketing models. This fundamental flaw in our approach to the consumer has limited the effectiveness of our marketing disciplines, necessitating a new model of consumer behavior.

The behavior model introduced in The Force of Habit is foundational to Sublime Behavior Marketing's entire approach to habit strategy. In January 2011, The Force of Habit was adapted for publication in the Journal of Brand Management. You can find the original article here.

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