Sublime Behavior Marketing Knowledge Base
Unconscious Mental Processes in Consumer Choice:
Toward a New Model of Consumer Behavior

Neale Martin & Kyle Morich | January 2010

Theories of consumer behavior posit that consumers are rational agents making conscious decisions about the branded products and services they purchase and use. However, research from the domain of automaticity proposes that the majority, if not all, of human behavior either begins as an unconscious process or occurs completely outside of conscious awareness. This article proposes a new model of consumer behavior that dynamically incorporates both conscious and unconscious mental processes that drive consumer behavior.

Sublime Behavior Marketing published in BrandWeek
Force of Habit

October 2008

Compelling data suggest that 95% of what consumers do is pre-programmed behavior that's impervious to marketing. Now what?
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Sublime Behavior Marketing published in Consumer Marketing
The Might of Market Research

October 2009

Marketers have turned to anthropologists for research insights, an invaluable approach that adds to our understanding of consumer behavior.
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Listening to What Your
Customer Doesn't Say

September 2009

Most behavior is controlled by a part of the brain that cannot be accessed. To understand your customer, you have to listen to what they do.
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Mass Brand Extinction

June 2009

Like mammals after the fall of the dinosaurs, the companies able to manage these turbulent times await a reordering of the economic food chain.
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The New Science of
Understanding Consumers

June 2009

Scientists have discovered that there is one brain, but two minds: a conscious, executive mind and an unconscious, habitual mind. Unfortunately, marketers are focused on the wrong one.
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Sublime Behavior Marketing published in Entrepreneur
You Can't Beat Habit

July 2009

Learning to change customer behavior means making significant changes to your own. Get your customers back in the habit of buying from you.
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Sublime Behavior Marketing published in Chief Marketer
Marketing in the Meltdown

March 2009

By focusing on preserving brand equity, chief marketers can be invaluable to their organizations' survival today and expansion tomorrow.
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Sublime Behavior Marketing published in Industry Week
Is Your Product Part of the Family?

September 2008

Your products need to be habitual. In other words, buried so deep into the minds of your customers that they can't imagine removing you.
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Sublime Behavior Marketing published in Connected Planet
Addicted to Broadband

April 2007

The broadband winners will not necessarily employ the best technology, but will develop a platform that users adopt for habitual use.
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The iPhone Effect

February 2007

Apple begins with the end in mind, creating an intuitive and elegant device with applications to maximize the user experience.
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Complexity Prevents Habituation

August 2005

Tech compaines overestimate the ability of the average user. It is not a matter of intelligence, but familiarity, that determines habituation.
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The New Habituation

June 2005

Success will not be determined by picking the right technology, but by creating a user experience so automatic it becomes habitual.
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