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Elevating Marketing to Brain Science

We are at the forefront of a marketing revolution based on insights from many scientific disciplines. At Sublime, we are committed to advancing the art and science of marketing by integrating information from disparate fields into a coherent framework. As the science continues to evolve, so will we.

Our goal to elevate marketing to the level of brain science is bigger than us. We may create custom solutions for our clients, but we gladly share the research and principles behind our work.

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The Force of Habit Newsletter is a monthly opportunity for Sublime Behavior Marketing to share our perspective on how the unconscious mind influences business, technology, media, healthcare, and current events.

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Sublime Behavior Marketing - The Habit Lens Blog

The Habit Lens blog is a repository of habit-based thoughts on topics spanning Marketing, Neuroscience, Psychology, Media, Entertainment, Product Design, Health and Wellness, and Current Events.

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