About Sublime Behavior Marketing
Neale Martin, PhD  —  Chief Executive Officer

Neale is the author of the celebrated book Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore, a trail-blazing examination of the principles of marketing in light of research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience that reveals most of consumer behavior is the result of unconscious habits. Translated into 10 languages and read by companies across the globe, the book lays the foundation for a habit-based approach that updates traditional marketing with 21st century brain science.

Neale leverages this expertise in unconscious behavior to help his clients develop habit-based solutions for new product development, market research, design, messaging and sales. Neale is also an accomplished speaker, presenting at major conferences such as Brand ManageCamp and the Shopper Marketing Forum, headlining private events for organizations like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, and keynoting at global conventions, including the Taiwanese Excellent Branding Association and the World Brand Congress in Mumbai, India.

As a Professor of Innovation at the Coles College of Management at Kennesaw State University, Neale teaches MBA students, trains corporations, and coordinates an annual symposium on unconscious consumer behavior and habit-based marketing.

In his spare moments (of which there seems to be less and less each year), he writes novels, enjoys cheesy sci-fi television shows and spends time with his wife and daughter. He is also continually locked in a battle of wits with Oakley, his border collie; some days it is quite unclear who is training whom.