About Sublime Behavior Marketing
We Understand the Brain

Since its beginnings, marketing has operated under the assumption that consumers are rational, logical, and conscious decision-makers. We now know this assumption is false. Over the past 20 years, research from neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and other brain sciences has come together to unveil a counter-intuitive reality: up to 95% of human behavior is habitual—unconscious and inaccessible to the conscious mind. This habitual behavior is responsible for many of marketing's most disappointing results, such as new product failure, inability of market research to predict outcomes, and a lack of correlation between satisfaction and repurchase.

This new understanding of the mind forces us to redirect marketing toward efforts that work with both the conscious and unconscious consumer mind. The goal must be to become your customer's habit, not their choice. It goes against our instincts as marketers, but the best and most loyal customer is the one that doesn't think about you at all. At Sublime, we unify these powerful brain insights with the traditional tenets of marketing to create a habit-based approach to consumer behavior.

We Focus on Behavior

We are not neuromarketing. There are no multi-million dollar machines or biometric devices required.

We are not behavioral marketing. Terabytes of purchase data and predictive algorithms are not necessary.

We are habit marketing. We strategically adapt your marketing efforts to train your customers to form unconscious habits around your products and services. Using a proprietary behavior model built upon a decade of research and leveraging innovative and intuitive analysis tools, Sublime Behavior Marketing designs practical solutions that work with both the conscious and unconscious minds.

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We Work With the Experts

As with all consulting firms, our ideas are only as good as the people executing them. Fortunately, Sublime Behavior Marketing was founded by the people who quite literally wrote the book on habit marketing.

Sublime CEO and Co-Founder Neale Martin authored the first book to take the academic research into habits and the unconscious mind and apply them to the consumer. His Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore was published in 2008 and has since been translated into 10 languages. Sublime Co-Founder and COO Kyle Morich was the research assistant on Habit, and co-authored with Neale "Unconscious Mental Processes in Consumer Choice: Toward a New Model of Consumer Behavior" in the Journal of Brand Management. This article introduced the first consumer behavior model to incorporate the habit sciences.

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